Healing Meditation

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A Meditation Journey to Enhance Healing

This is a short healing meditation.

Please read the meditation for this service.

  • We ask the Great Unseen Healing Force, the Great and Holy Spirit to protect and help us.
  • A group of spiritual healers and guides are assembling to bring healing to present and absent ones.
  • The living physical universe meets the living spiritual universe for the purpose of healing and being healed.
  • As you become relaxed and comfortable, your feet on the floor, you may want to let your eyes go out of focus, or you might find it pleasant to close your eyes.
  • You can imagine expanding within you a white light protecting and healing.
  • Light starting at your head, flowing over you, refreshing and renewing as it grows.
  • Feel the chair provide support, firmness, and grounding of your body.
  • You are safe and secure in healing comfort.
  • Your mind can expand into the room, taking healing energy to all people present.
  • While your physical body is anchored in the chair, you can let your mind expand, spreading healing energy out into the city, country, and around the world.
  • You can imagine walking down a country lane in the cool of the day.
  • Off to the side, you hear the words of your healing guides blessing you on your path and ringing in your mind.
  • In healing before me I move.
  • In healing behind me I move.
  • In healing below me I move.
  • In healing above me I move.
  • The healing power of my guides straightens my path.
  • The healing power of my guides calms my soul.
  • The healing power of my guides sooths my thoughts.
  • The healing power of my guides sends help to others.
  • The healing power of my guides brings peace and comfort.
  • I am one with the hills and mountains.
  • I am one with the streams and valleys.
  • I am one with the grass and trees.
  • I am one with the earth and sky.
  • I am one with the spirit of the universe and the flow of time.
  • I am safe in the healing comfort of my guides.
  • I am wise in the healing comfort of my guides.
  • I am strong in the healing comfort of my guides.
  • I am healed in the loving caress of my guides.
  • Truth is the star that shines across the plains of the world and also within my soul.
  • Trust your healing guides to direct healing and wisdom where it is needed while you allow yourself to be amazed and strengthened.
  • Now you can allow your mind to come back to this room.
  • You may wish to come forth to receive hands-on healing with the direct intervention of healing guides, or you may quietly continue to send and receive healing energy in pleasant and comfortable meditation.
  • May the healers please take their places?