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The End of Our Service

We go forth from this place in our minds to renew our commitment of cherishing and nurturing humanity.

From the book Return to the Sacred by Jonathan H. Ellerby, Ph.D

I see through the ancient archways
the sacred door is open

in the distance a traveler comes
through time
and from the heart of spirit
I know the journey well,
I watch the moving form, though

I cannot tell if they are coming or going
is the sun rising or setting
is it man or woman
the path shines like a thin deep river
shadows and light play tricks on the mind
but none of this matters
this is the arrival and the departure
there is only one direction:

the road is littered with scrolls and beads
talismans, scriptures, rattles, and robes
every step is sacred
and none of it matters
for the road only leads one place: