Healing Ceremony

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Healing Guide Cohort

Healing is Channeling of Healing Energy from a Cohort of Spiritual Healers, or a way of producing relaxation that reduces the impact of stress on the body.

Imagine Hands On Healing

Begin by imagining being seated comfortably in a chair in front of a cohort of spiritual healers. They are the most knowledgeable and companionate healing guides of the Spiritual Universe. Feel their healing energy on both sides of your head. Say the healing prayer, “Infinite Intelligence, Source of all Healing I ask that you channel healing flowing to me so I may receive the healing desire by my healing guides at this time. Amen.

There are hands over the top of your head about two inches apart and about one inch above. Feel these hands until you think it is ok to move to the next position. The hands move to the side of your head, parallel to the temples, and remain there as you feel the healing energy. Next the hands move to the side of your head, parallel to the ears, and hold they remain there as long as needed. Now the hands move to your neck, staying as you are amazed at the easing of your stress. There is a healing hand over your forehead and another hand over the base of the neck. In time, one hand moves to the top rear of your head. You feel a healing hand over the upper chest and another healing hand over the upper back. Feel a hand over your heart and another one at touching your back. The hand moved over your stomach. You can feel the healing strength warming your abdomen and lower back. As the healing hands move to your knees, you can sense a change in your energy. Now, they move to your ankles and you are aware of your connection to the earth. The Healing Cohort has completed your entire body from head to toe, and they move to the top of the head for another 30 seconds.