Schamanic Journeying

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Journeying To Other Worlds

There are people that reject the Spiritual Realm and others that embrace other dimensions. We look at Shaman practices as equally valid regardless of your acceptance of Spiritual Dimensions or if you consider journeying to be expanding access to your brain.

It is time to Journey

Power Animals often come in dreams, meditations, and visions. You can have many power animals, as well as Guides and Angels. Your power animal can change depending on your life-path, emotional needs, and goals. The concept of a Power Animal is found in all cultures, even in Christianity. While there are Power Animals or Totems at the group or clan level, there are also protective spirits that help us in our everyday life. Everyone has such Power Animals. We often unconsciously or consciously recognize the Power Animal affecting someone’s life


The first Shaman task is to travel in the other worlds and discover your Totem or Power Animal. That journey starts the process of learning. Power Animals are reflections of us and represent qualities which are needed but may be hidden or obscured. Some people are dissatisfied with their Power Animal because they are not all bears, lions, or some ferocious animal. An animal’s power is not based on physical strength. It might be wisdom, obscurity, seeing a different viewpoint, or other attribute that you will discover.

Your first exploratory journey is to find spirits which may represent themselves as being your Power Animal. Your Power Animal may be a real or mythical animal, such as a unicorn or Pegasus, or even one that does not exist even in a myth or legend.

LESSON 1 - Meeting Your Power Animal
We all have power animals (spirit animals) that are our protectors. Many are spirit guardians that exist in other realms. Some animals were with us from past lives but may have been another physical form.

Time to find your power animal. 

Find or quiet place or just relax at your computer. Relax your mind. Feel the muscles in your body relaxing, your head, your shoulders, your neck, your jaw, and the main part of your body, your arms. Take 2 long slow deep breaths, breathing in through your nose, holding the breath as is comfortable for you, exhaling slowly through your mouth,

Still your thoughts. Listen to the Drumming.
Read this and then try it.

You are going to watch the screen just behind your eyes. You may see a pretty color or shape coming into view. Ask your Power Animal to show itself to you in your mind. Be patient! Soon the image of an animal will appear. It might be a fleeting glance or only a part. Have no expectations. The image may be clear or appear be moving. You may see the front view or an angle. The animal may not be your favorite animal. Just allow the image to manifest before you. Once you see the animal, watch and see what it does. Listen with your thoughts. The message may be words, feelings, or images. Your animal may appear in a scene that is significant for you.

Focus as best you can on the colors around the animal, the surroundings, and other parts of the environment, your feelings, and small things off to the side. When the drumming stops, slowly open your eyes and write or draw what you noticed.