Spiritual Humanism, Followers of the Way

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Spiritual Not Religious

Thank you for coming to the Spiritual Humanism Church. All religions believe in God. Spiritual Humanism accepts the possible existence of God, but we reject being controlled by Lords and Kings. We are a civilized democratic religion. There is no room for barbaric pagan royalty in our religion. If you want to be worshiped, submit your paperwork, and we will vote on it at our next scheduled meeting.

This is a first-century Christian denomination (known as "Followers of the Way"), anchored in the teachings of the illiterate laborer Jesus prior to 70 C.E. All are welcome. Jesus accepted all, and so do we. This is an Online Church that encourages diversity without membership requirements. Services are updated weekly. If you are interested in being ordained as a Spiritualist Minister by the Spiritual Humanism Church (SHC), call 800 595-4053.

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Take the First Step Test

People have long tried to decide if there is a God or not. The answer remains still just a question. Of more importance is our understanding of our purpose and place in the universe. The First Step Test (Step1.exe) is the test you should take before you attempt to understand yourself and certainly long before you attempt to tell someone else what they should accept as true.

There are 65 True/False questions in the First Step Test that explore your preferences on 5 categories.

  1. Religious or Dogma
  2. Spiritual
  3. Humanist
  4. Belief
  5. Experience

The Spiritual Humanism Church is proud to be affiliated with the creative enterprise known as the Truth Contest. Find out what the project has discovered as being true at www.truthcontest.com 

Spiritual Humanism is a religion. Humanism is based on reason. Spiritualism is based on spiritual experiences. God is not the creator; God is the creation. The supernatural is the natural that has yet to be understood. The central focus of Spiritual Humanism is the rational creation, development, and honest definition of our Spiritual Experiences. This is the same focus as all religions. Our traditions, rituals, and ceremonies are taken from Shamanism (God is the Spiritual Experience within you that makes you the center of the Spiritual Universe). Religious disciples put their energies into religious rituals from the past. Shamans attend to their present spiritual experiences, and is so doing they bring themselves and others forward out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of wisdom. Jesus was a spiritual shaman. His followers made religion stagnant instead of creating the wondrous glory of ever changing religious experiences. If you feel the presence of God inside you, you know God exists. If you do not feel the presence of God inside you, you know God does not exist. Your feelings are your responsibility. Other people cannot define your feelings, unless you let them.